A new client called today after being referred to us from the Sophos website. The gentleman expressed his frustration to me, explaining he’d just spent two solid days trying to clean up a destructive virus from their network of about ten PCs – even though he was sure he had adequate anti virus protection. In a nutshell, Computer Associates lost a customer – CA Anti Virus was the product that failed to detect the virus in this case.
Whilst I don’t know exactly what the problem was just yet (our engineers are on the way out to clean up the mess and roll out Sophos Computer Security SBE) it’s a timely reminder that Anti Virus products are only as good as their last update! Sure, most AV products are set and forget type installs these days but certain things can cause the automatic updating feature of AV products to fail. If your product isn’t configured correctly to alert you, or you never check the administration console, then there’s every possibility that your AV software is simply months out of date (the record that I’ve witnessed is approximately 24 months!). Even just being a week or two out of date pretty much renders your AV strategy useless.
Making a small investment in time or money to ensure your AV is actually working (therefore getting value from the software subscription costs!) by far outweighs the time and effort wasted in trying to pick up the pieces after a destructive virus. Make a note to start doing this, or talk to us about some of the services we offer to ensure routine maintenance tasks are regularly performed or critical components are continually monitored.